Saturday, August 15, 2020

New Release Announcement: Good Girls Curtsy

 Hi Crickets,

Good Girls Curtsy Book Cover

This is an announcement that I've been so anxious to share! Good Girls Curtsy is my newest release and it's available on Amazon today! The print version will be coming soon. If you've read any of my other books, this is something completely different. There's no magic, no futuristic sci-fi elements, no special abilities...unless you count the ability to rise up and find yourself. It does share one common theme with my other works - a strong female lead. Though MayVee doesn't start out that way.

This is really a work of passion, and I hope that you - my readers will enjoy it. Even if it does deviate from what I'm known for writing. I debated publishing this under a pen name, but so many of my friends and family encouraged me to own it. After listening to them, I decided they were right. As a writer, why should I be confined to one genre? My imagination goes where it wants and so do the characters that live in my head. So, I'm adding chick lit to the list! 

About Good Girls Curtsy

MayVee Baker has lived by the rules that shaped the edges and sharpened the corners of her existence since the earliest days of her childhood. Common courtesies, pleasantries, etiquette, and smooth manners formed her behavior and served as her compass. Even if it meant silencing her voice and sacrificing her own needs. She lost herself along the way. Now she will need to challenge everything she knows to find herself, live the life she deserves, and raise her daughter to know how to slay her own dragons.

Acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, and grace open a pathway to finding our true selves.

I had a lot of fun with MayVee, and a big part of her has, and always will live in my head. I hope that a little part of her will stay with you too. I'll be doing a print version giveaway to celebrate this release in September. If you'd like to be entered for a chance to win, sign up for my mailing list! I promise, I'm not the spamming type.

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