Sunday, July 19, 2020

Mannequins are Creepy...

I know that a lot of people are creeped out by clowns. I read IT, by Stephen King and I'll admit that it changed my perception of the happy painted faces I remember from childhood. For others, it's ghosts, monsters, evil entities, or deranged psychopaths stalking around in the darkness. Not that these don't bother me, they all have their creep factor.

For me it's mannequins that make me want to look back over my shoulder. They always have.  They've been around since the 15th century, and they've evolved a great deal over time. From the subtle shifts in hair styles to the absurd faceless creations often seen in department stores today. Faceless...mostly to allow shoppers to better imagine the displayed apparel on themselves.

I think the fact that they used them to populate fake towns for nuclear testing back in the 1950's is truly fascinating. As an author, that makes my imagination run wild. Just envision walking through the aftermath of a town like that. Broken windows, burnt curtains blowing in the breeze amidst a strategically positioned "fake" family in an outdated living room.  Can you see it? I can actually hear the wind blowing through.

I remember an old Twilight Zone episode about a bunch of mannequins that would take turns coming to life for a day and then they had to return to their post in the store by the day's end so that the next one could have a turn. I can just imagine how they envied who ever was up for their turn...

Yep. They're creepy. Delightfully so. Anything made in our likeness for the purpose of human needs or fulfillment gives me reason to pause...and of course, write.

What creeps you out?

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Simple is Now Audible!

Hi Crickets,

I'm so pumped to share that Simple is now available as an audio book! You can find it on iTunes, and on Amazon. Kendra Murray is the most amazingly talented narrator and she's done a phenomenal job bringing voices to my characters. I did say "voices" as in plural because she's that talented! I couldn't have wished for anyone better to work with.

Check it out!!