Saturday, November 8, 2014

Reading Time

Now that Simple is released, I am enjoying a little break from my writing and indulging myself in some much needed reading time.  I'm reading Enter Ruinland by C.J. Anderson and although I've just started it, I'm loving it so far.  It's currently free on Amazon, so go snag a copy!

I also just finished reading Small Things by Joe DeRouen and if you love Stephen King-style spooky books, I highly recommend this one.  It's creepy, fun and the perfect read for a cold rainy day by the fire.

What are you reading?  If you have any good recommendations, I'd love to hear about them!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Sales And Other Things

Pardon me while I clear away the dust from my little blog (cough, cough).  It seems like I was just here a minute ago!  Anyway, I wanted to post about some up coming promotions for my books so that if you are interested, you can snag your copies before the sales end.

Amazon Sale Alert:

August 22 - August 29: Dark Weaver will be on sale for .99
August 31 - September 7: Simple will be on sale for .99

I'm hoping to release "The Menders" book 3 in the Weaver Series soon!  In the meantime, I'm taking a much needed vacation from writing and that means I am reading like a crazy lady.  While I am in between projects, I am planning to do some author interviews for some of my favorite reads so stay tuned for more on that.

Summer is nearing an end and I can't wait to light the fireplace and snuggle in with some great reads!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Simple is Released

Happy Friday!  I'm really happy to share that my newest book titled Simple is now available on Amazon.  You can pick up your copy here

This has been such a fun project and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  I have to admit, some of the characters in this book surprised me...and some of them kept me up at night.  If they do the same to you...please don't hold me responsible.  Simps are a lot like zombies so be warned.  ;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cover Reveal - SIMPLE

I am really excited to share this cover reveal for my newest book titled "SIMPLE"!!!!

SIMPLE is a Dystopian science fiction action/horror novel and it is my hope to keep  you up reading at night.  Warning...this is not a YA novel.

In a future that is the by-product of a digital era nightmare, the idea of making life simple appealed to the mainstream. After the economic collapse of the twenty-first century, the government latched on to technology like an economic life-line. Bio-synthetic humanoids integrated into society with relative ease. Taking on the menial jobs, humans grew dependent on their android counterparts, but the... corporate sector took things too far. Wrapped in their one-click comfort zones, people trudged along with their latte’s and fashion trend blinders.

No one seemed to notice that they weren’t acting as hospitable as they once had. They should have. They didn’t have weaknesses like we did, and, they were capable of clever, unimaginable cruelty. People didn’t stand a chance.

Hailey Pachello doesn’t do people. She relies on herself because it’s easier. It’s safer, and it’s less dramatic. That is until she meets Leonard ‘Gizzard’ O’Malley. Giz has connections and a plan, and it might just be a good one.

Watch for publication details, coming soon!!!

drum roll....

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Project Update

I know I've been terrible at keeping this little site up to date, so I wanted to give a quick update on my current projects -- as they are the reason for my absence.  Book 3 in the Weaver Series will be titled Mender and I am happy to announce that it is almost complete.  I'm on track for a September release and hopefully the manuscript will be in the hands of my beta readers mid-summer.  My new dystopian adult novel, Simple is in the final edit stage and will be released this summer as well. 

Once I get these milestones behind me,  I plan to be a little more visible on my pages...err..I hope to be that is.

Cheers to the first weekend of summer!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I am very excited to share that I have finally finished my latest project.  My new book, titled "Simple" is currently in the hands of my beta readers!  There will be plenty of work through the editing process (so not my favorite part), but for now I am back to focusing on book 3 of the Weaver Series.

In celebration, Dark Weaver is on a special promotion this week on Amazon.  Click here to get your discounted copy!

I'll share more on the new book soon!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

We Make our own Roads

It doesn't matter what path we're on, we can make our own road in our out.  This is my road.  It's real, and I travel it often but the landscape changes when I need it to.  That's the beauty of being a writer.