Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cover Reveal - SIMPLE

I am really excited to share this cover reveal for my newest book titled "SIMPLE"!!!!

SIMPLE is a Dystopian science fiction action/horror novel and it is my hope to keep  you up reading at night.  Warning...this is not a YA novel.

In a future that is the by-product of a digital era nightmare, the idea of making life simple appealed to the mainstream. After the economic collapse of the twenty-first century, the government latched on to technology like an economic life-line. Bio-synthetic humanoids integrated into society with relative ease. Taking on the menial jobs, humans grew dependent on their android counterparts, but the... corporate sector took things too far. Wrapped in their one-click comfort zones, people trudged along with their latte’s and fashion trend blinders.

No one seemed to notice that they weren’t acting as hospitable as they once had. They should have. They didn’t have weaknesses like we did, and, they were capable of clever, unimaginable cruelty. People didn’t stand a chance.

Hailey Pachello doesn’t do people. She relies on herself because it’s easier. It’s safer, and it’s less dramatic. That is until she meets Leonard ‘Gizzard’ O’Malley. Giz has connections and a plan, and it might just be a good one.

Watch for publication details, coming soon!!!

drum roll....