Sunday, June 22, 2014

Project Update

I know I've been terrible at keeping this little site up to date, so I wanted to give a quick update on my current projects -- as they are the reason for my absence.  Book 3 in the Weaver Series will be titled Mender and I am happy to announce that it is almost complete.  I'm on track for a September release and hopefully the manuscript will be in the hands of my beta readers mid-summer.  My new dystopian adult novel, Simple is in the final edit stage and will be released this summer as well. 

Once I get these milestones behind me,  I plan to be a little more visible on my pages...err..I hope to be that is.

Cheers to the first weekend of summer!


  1. Here you are! And from what I just read, still as busy as a little bee! Will check up on you from time to time. You have accomplished so very much since we met some years ago. Keep pluggin' my sweet friend. It's all ahead of you!

    1. Hi Mona! What a treat to see your comment here! I'm so glad that you found me and hope that all is well with you!