Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Covers!

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Paper and Sage on a re-design of the covers for the Weaver Series.  Christa is an amazing graphic artist with an unbelievable ability to see an author's vision and bring it to life.  I could not be more delighted with the results! If you are an author, I strongly encourage you to consult with her on your current, or next venture.  She is insanely talented, and a pleasure to work with.

For my readers, the new covers will be launching in the next 24 hours. I am sure you will agree, she has captured the essence of the Weaver Series.  I look forward to working with her on book 3, as well as other projects.

To Christa, thank you for your hard work, I adore you!

1 comment:

  1. Aw, thanks, Dena! I can't wait for to see them officially on Amazon. :)