Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello Darlin's

Welcome to the Weaver Series blog!  I'm Dena Nicotra and I am a young adult urban/fantasy writer and the author of "Remember Me" - book one in the Weaver Series.  I am currently working on the second book in the series, with the working title of "Dark Weaver."  I'm hoping to use this space as a way to keep you informed, and hear from you as readers. 

If you wandered here by Remember Me and start reading!  How's that for bossy?  Did I mention the free promotion that's starting on Friday 3/29 and running through till midnight Sunday 3/31? 


  1. Hi Dena!
    Nice to see you pop up on my blog. How cool that you have written a book! I have a Nook, not a there a way I can download it?

    1. Hi Penny!

      Yes, if you go to, they have a free download that will enable you to load it on any device. You should see it on the ribbon under Free Reading Apps. :)

  2. So so glad to see you, Dena....been quite awhile since you blogged last. Did you just delete and start all over....? Well, anyway, I'm sure glad to know you are here.
    xoxo bj you know that you have the dreaded WORD VERIFICATION
    on ???.....just sayin' :)

    1. Hi BJ!

      I did not know that and I'll get it removed. I can never read those things!